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Post by Admin on Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:24 pm

Forum Rules: Aspec_10
This forum was created to be a place where a wide range of auto enthusiasts could come and talk about cars, mechanics, debate issues and argue. That being said we (A-Spec / Moderators) will generally stay fairly hidden aside for website and forum news. Everyone is allowed to express themselves however they feel but we will step in and lock a post if flaming gets out of hand. That said a few guidelines to please go by there's quite a few so read them all, not knowing won't be an excuse:

1) If you are new, search around before asking a tech question as of 8/2010 this forum is fairly new but if you are reading this well beyond that time frame you may find your question has already been asked just by searching the tech forums. We have gone through great lengths to segment the forum as much as we could. So please look around first before posting.

2) Be Polite: We don't want to see "excessive" curse words or bad language, a common non-insultive word here and there isn't no big deal, frankly we are fairly lenient and simply don't care, but if your bashing someone in anyway: Car, Personally, their view, race, culture, creed, WHATEVER and your not coming across respectful and constructive we will delete the post. Generally we "may" give a warning and all you will get is (1) warning. If it happens again we will simply ban you without notice, if the first time deems to be far enough out of hand we will ban you on the first strike.

This may seem harsh but frankly the moderators, A-Spec staff and its members come here for more than a bash fest, it simply won't be tolerated, its easier to ban you early to avoid having to do it later. If you see any questionable or inappropriate posts email the admin of this post, email us on the contact us page of the website or directly at be sure to include the link so we can take a quick look.

3)Post things where they should go... Self explanatory and easy. We spent alot of time with all these categories please use them Smile

4)Tech Rooms: Always assume someone with little mechanical knowledge will come along and read your posts, be clear and concise as well as courteous to make this forum an area anyone can come to for information. And when in doubt, direct people to past posts/links. We will try to sticky the posts that have fairly valuable information. Also be polite to new comers or people who don't know a thing about cars. They are asking their questions for a reason and if you have a link you can direct them to from this forum that's better than ragging on them for not looking particularly if they say they couldn't find it after looking.

5)Classifieds: Are for members and NON-VENDORS - vendor posts/sales in the Classified section will be removed and IP Banned when done w/o Permission, this INCLUDES forum signatures, no advertisements of any kind, we don't give warnings, for questions about vendor posts please email us at: - as of right now we aren't allowing anything for vendors as of 8/2010, if you are reading this 4-5 months after that time your welcome to email us to check - This also includes signatures, DO NOT ADVERTISE IN SIGNATURES you won't get a warning.

6)Classifieds need to have these things: Pictures(your picture not a manufacturer pic), Contact info, Condition of Item. We are not responsible for bad dealings so please use caution when buying from someone. We suggest again to use a means that ensures your investment is protected

7)A-Spec Performance and its affiliates do not condone or encourage street racing, with that being said many of us come from a street/professional racing background, we will be very lenient with galleries and videos etc we really don't care about that stuff being posted nor are we gonna be hippocrits ( not like its not on youtube) but we can't allow the posting/organizing (ie: posting for people to meet at an area) of race spots in your area or drag/drift race areas that aren't legal. SO PLEASE DON'T POST THEM, have meets down the street, at your house, but do not post race spots we will have to delete the post and ban your IP. Exclamation

-8 ) One user name per IP address and all associated IP addresses.
Just as it states example: Username1 associated with ip, should not be associated with any other user names, posting under the same category and or topic. There is NO WARNING. So make sure you please only have 1 username for the entire forum

9) When something is NSFW, make sure that is in the subject and do not put NSFW content in others non-flagged posts, also for the most part keep things clean. Also make sure pics in forum signatures aren't too long or so long that they trail off of the forum template we will delete them or ask you to shorten it.

Feel free to always shoot us a PM if you have questions/issues or wonder if you can have something added as a category or something stickied. ( don't say: "moderator please sticky" in the forum, who knows when we will see it ) We hope everyone enjoys the forum setup and we will keep trying to make it better and better as time passes.


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