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A-Spec Website updates! Empty A-Spec Website updates!

Post by A-Spec on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:12 pm

A-Spec Website updates! Aspec%20Logo

The website is live and we are now taking orders etc. We aren't even 25% of the way done with adding products to the site, there is a long way to go for that but so people are aware the schedule we are working on is

Next 2-3 months:

Finishing Up Nissan SR20DET Parts
Adding 240sx KA & RB20/25/26 Parts
Universal Products/Electronics
Adding Nissan 350/370z Parts

And we are still a little undecided on whether we will cover FWD SR20DET or not.

After that you can expect us to simply go down the row:
and so on.

We will give periodic updates to our progress and you will also see our progress via the website. Everyone who is here using the forum we want to thank you guys for coming to such a ghost town of a forum and hope more people make use of it in the future.

Forum members are welcome to inquire about discounts and while we complete our first block of tasks above we will post official discounts for forum members who have the rank of "active member" etc as of now current members are more than welcome to email with what they plan to buy and if they can get a forum member discount ( please only do it for items you plan to buy within the week )

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