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Post by A-Spec on Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:58 pm

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Our live chat is available and you can probably expect someone to be on during these times:
Tuesdays and Thursdays:
Between 10am - 12noon PST and/or
1pm - 2pm PST

Occasional times:
Monday and Wednesdays
1pm-2pm EST
4pm-5pm EST

This gives you a good time frame in case you want to "definitely" catch someone online, downside to this is you may not be the only one, if you end up being 4th or farther in the waitlist it may be best to try a different time. 1 person can hold 2 chats so if your 3rd or 4th your wait should not be too long. 5th or farther and it may be a little bit, particular if only 1 person is online.

Good rule of thumb is to always think that there is only 1 rep taking chats.

We ask that you email your tech questions. Particularly extensive ones, questions about availability of parts, general questions of compatibility etc are ok, but don't get too technical via chat the rep available to be online may not necessarily be able to assist with extensive tech questions those are best emailed so they go to the right people.

Also please have 5-10min to spare. It may not take that long but the last thing we want is to assist you with your problem just to have you disappear. So please ensure you have time to be on chat and again your always welcome to email us.
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